Australian HHO/Free Energy Consultant/Tester • Mark Dansie
On the Smart Scarecrow Show • 3/27/12 (Click on the above to listen to the 5 minute interview) Listen to what Mark says, after being present at a CARB approved test facility in Santa Ana, CA. THIS FELLOW IS NOT BEING PAID TO SAY THIS, HE IS JUST GLAD TO SEE HHO WORK! THE CVHHO CELL SYSTEM CHANGED HIS MIND AND TURNED OFF HIS SKEPTICISM.

Welcome to HYDROGEN TRUCKER the future of the Trucking Industry

Read Mark Dansie's Letter of Recommendation 7/2012

Smart ScareCrow Video : "Investigating HHO in Diesel Engines" by Mark Dansie 10/18/12
( Go to : 52 : 45 into the interview)

Who is Mark Dansie? Google his name, do your research • Blog Talk Radio Interview, March 2007 by James Robey
( 2:40 minutes into this interview Mark Dansie calls in.)

Hydrogen Generators for Truckers, more horse power, better mileage, just add water.

Bob Boyce™ catalytic technology, Hydroxy Gas™

Excellent opportunity for the Trucker Diesel Market. Truckers must save fuel $$ Become a CVHHO dealer.
Contact the CVHHO dealers first, CVHHO will ask you to buy a cell system off one of their dealers, to prove the technology. Then future sales can be direct with them : Soon to have a CARB EO, making the cell systems legal in CA.
HHO is legal on trucks in all states, except CA. Listen to Mark Dansie/HHO Consultant Lab tester. According to Mark, CVHHO is the only company he has seen, done it right. Gets results, even cuts down the Nox emission, in which is unheard of.

CARB Verification. First an E.O. then Verification.

Listen to recent interview of a witness at a CARB certified lab in Southern CAL.
of the CVHHO Cell system. Mark Dansie Report - 1:10 into the interview.

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with questions.

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Every Trucker who purchases a HHO Trucker Box is getting at least 10% MPG savings!
Savings range from 10% to 29%. Trucker feel an extra 100 HorsePower! (2/2012)
No more experimenting, CVHHO has proven results, dynos, computer software showing
the HP of the added Hydroxy Gas to your air intake. Click on photo above for pricing.

So easy to install, 2 wires go to the battery. One outgas hose to the air intake, right before the air filter. One cable through the firewall to the dash and one ignition+ trigger wire. The box bolts behind the cab, or bolts on to the rail. You can't screw up the install. Step box below replaces your trucks step, with HHO inside the box. Ready to go, just add water! Cleans up emissions better than anything else on the market.

Many HHO companies today selling HHO cell kits, but BEWARE most will not get you any MPG gains.

Our Cell kits work because we can guarantee you a greater % of ORTHO hydrogen. We follow Bob Boyce™'s 26 years of lab research behind this product. One Florida trucking company tried out 10 different HHO cell systems and the only one that worked and still gets consistent gains is a cell system from Central Valley HHO! Why? because CVHHO cells produce 70% to 98% Ortho Hydrogen! Ortho hydrogen is a higher quality gas called hydroxy® gas, that is not taught in schools, it is 4x's more powerful than tank (para) hydrogen.
Ortho hydrogen is a magnetic, sticky , static gas, the more dryer the more combustion. It clings to all the other air borne molecules, oxygen, nitrogen and especially to the hydrocarbon chain molecules.

Hydrogen Trucker is a part of Hydrogen Garage • 97 Ash Ave. Unit #554
Morro Bay, CAlifornia 93442 • USA • (805)995-4809

A Independent Trucker said "The amount of $money that I'm saving,
in fuel costs , is bigger than my paycheck, take home pay"

1 to 2.5 gallon MPG savings!

One 12L size diesel truck was getting 5.5 to 6 mpg before adding our units,
and now typically the driver is seeing 8 to 8.2 mpg hauling 35,000 pound payloads.

Truckers are getting 10% up to 40% gas MPG savings :

10% = 6 MPG to 6.6 MPG • 20% = 6 MPG to 7.2 MPG • 30% = 6 MPG to 7.9 MPG


" I drove from CA to the East Coast with a CVHHO Unit installed on 1 of my 3 Kenworth trucks.  I used 25% less fuel in the Kenworth truck with the CVHHO System installed then the other 2 Kenworth trucks without the system on the same trip with the same loads!! I also noticed there is no longer black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes on my truck!!
P. C.  -- Modesto, CA

“I installed a CS138 hydrogen assist system recently and immediately noticed my Freightliner idling more smoothly with improved torque through the gears.  More important to my profitability, I checked my on-board trip computer while returning home with an empty trailer and was excited to learn my miles per gallon had improved by 22%!”
B.Z. -- Palmetto, Florida 


Many different size HHO Cell kits from Central Valley HHO and Hydrogen Junkie Retail Price from $630 to $5,600.(updated 1/14/2012)
805-995-4809 • 805-772-7324

Only $3,000 complete Hydrogen Cell Kit ( approved by Bob Boyce the Lab Expert in Hydroxy Gas)
Guaranteed to get at least 10% MPG gains! Video of the what you get

More Hydrogen Trucker Kits are available.

Complete 100 cell box kit, designed for stationary GEN SET to run 100% on water.

Recent results 4/10, a Trucker in Michigan, went from 6 LPMPG to 9 MPG. second test proved
to be 11 MPG! No electronic only leaning or engine temp monitor. only $2,650. U install kit.
This is the system (photo) above, that he got those MPG gains!
Comes with 3 Revolution Cells, 3 - PWM30's to pulse and limit the current.
All the wire, connectors, hose, relay, controllers, etc, The alum. box
does not come with the kit, only all the components you see. Soon to come with an easy bolt
on box. Wholesale pricing as well. (updated 4/18/2010)

We no longer deal with THE CELL, the owner is not truthful. Their electro-polished plate technology will prohibit
the necessary higher quality ortho hydrogen and ortho oxygen to be made. Many dealers like us have been ripped off.
Their nano gas technology is bogus, please stay away from them. They took money from alot of unhappy customers.

Genesis Catalytic Systems

Another great gas saving device for older diesel engines is the Engine Crankcase Blow by Gas Re charger

The place to come learn the latest on adding a hydrogen booster system to a Diesel Semi Rig. Hydrogen Trucker is a really "Hydrogen Garage LLC" a small experimental company making and selling hydrogen cells on the Central Coast of California. A company lead by the belief in truth and the gospel of Christ. Hydrogen Garage LLC is a awareness, education, safety, application company.

Hydrogen Garage was started in 4/07 selling parts to make cells and electronics for producing "ortho" hydrogen.

Hydrogen Garage works with four to five other hydrogen cell companies, sharing ideas. We also have the privilege to converse with a man way ahead of his field, who had a car running off of 100% hydroxy gas from water, in the late 80's He has 27 years of lab experience in testing hydrogen and oxygen and making hydrogen cells. Actually the car ran 60 MPH up on jack stands in his driveway. He was arrested and taken to court and almost put in jail for making a car run off of water alone. Give me a break the guy finds the natural solution and is arrested for it? Don't believe me?
Go watch all 10 parts on Youtube and then come read some more. After that go listen to this interview, to learn more. His name is Bob Boyce™, a Tesla researcher and electronic genius and scientist. His study of making hydroxy gas and resonance that breaks the laws of Faraday by 200%+ and measures the gas by a electrical equation rather than the BTU calculation that says this will not work to run a car 100% off of water alone. Well, he has done it, he does share his secrets with a few people, that he trusts. HIs whole foucs is to make 100% ORTHO hydrogen, hydrogen in a state that is 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful than PARA hydrogen, he calls HO gas or "Hydroxy Gas" NASA uses this type of gas to prople satellites in space.

Recent EPA lab tests in W. Virginia show that your on demand hydrogen cell has to make "ortho hydrogen" to see any gas mileage gains in Diesel Rigs. The hydrogen in tanks is "para" hydrogen, hydrogen by itself, safely compressed into a liquid gas, just like propane or natural gas. Also you have to do 3 things to the electronics when introducing hydroxy gas to a diesel engine. Your engine will run approx. 2 degrees cooler, due to the complete burn of the fuel with the added 120 octane air into your air intake. The higher the quality of the hydroxy gas the better, you need a cell system that will put out approx. 3.5 liters of ORTHO hydrogen and ORTHO oxygen. A Mass Spectrometer is the lab equipment that can measure the purity of the gas. Ortho or para. Ortho hydrogen can be made with a 2 volt system and a pulsed square wave, William Rhodes & Yull Brown discovered all this, read or listen. He made a water torch, that still is not manufactured in the USA. You can buy a or make one yourself.

Now on Diesel 12 liter engines, you will need ortho hydrogen and not para hydrogen, 2nd you will need electronic circuit, much like a Volo FS2 circuit, or an EFIE made especially for diesel rigs. Right now, 3/2010

The present admin of the USA, does not really want "on demand hydrogen & oxygen gas" available for truckers. They wish to raise gas taxes, while hydrogen cell kits, reduce gas mileage and therefore you pay less fuel tax. The exact opposite of what we are trying to promote. Recent tests prove better and better. 10% t0 40% MPG savings. We make the gas as we drive. We store no gas in pressurized tanks, just a water refill tank. Yull Brown discovered 36 properties of hydrogen & oxygen gas. We strive for the most powerful ortho hydrogen and ortho oxygen. We strive for more % of the higher quality gas 2.4x's t 4xs more powerful than para (tank) hydrogen. Ortho or monatomic and diatomic hydrogen gas we call "hydroxy gas" is 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful!! Scientific believe in only one hydrogen type of gas. We agree with Yull Brown studies. ( 1980 thru 1998 )This magical Brown's Gas, (hydroxy gas) breaks the laws of psychics, so therefore it is not studied and shelved. The Oil Corp.s are NOT interested in a hydrogen future, some of the billions of dollars that went into a "hydrogen future" spoken by GW, actually some of the money was spent as "dis-information" to water car forums online and also the "buying out" many of the inventors who dabble in this field, 95 cases ( .pdf file download - 95 cases) of "Alternative energy suppression" well kept OFF the Major Media! So you will NEVER hear the real truth. Why mention all this? Well I want you to be prepared and to arm you with intelligence from above. Follow your heart and GOD will protect you. Perfect love casts out all fear! The Oil Corp. interest in a hydrogen future, some of the billions of dollars that went into a "hydrogen future" spoken by GW, actually some of the money was spent as "dis-information" to water car forums online and also the "buying out" many of the inventors who dabble in this field, 95 cases ( .pdf file download - 95 cases) of "Alternative energy suppression" well kept OFF the Major Media! So you will NEVER hear the real truth. Why mention all this? Well I want you to be prepared and to arm you with intelligence from above. Follow your heart and GOD will protect you. Perfect love casts out all fear!

Another brand new product for TRUCKERS than can SAVE you MPG on older diesel engines with your " Crankcase Blow by Gas" - Genesis InterCharger System

Trucker Hydrogen Kits for sale, cars too.


Below is a simple cell design that will produce in recent dyno tests making approx. 75% ortho hydrogen.
You mount 2 of the cells below -13 plates each, 8" x 10" . A larger hydroxy dryer and a cylinder bubbler.
If your interested in becoming a dealer or would like to purchase a system contact : Central Valley HHO
Your cost $3,000.00 for complete system that your mechanic installs with our help.
Can not be sold in CA, for truckers, overseas sales are welcome!

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The CVHHO trucker cell is a self circulating cell, that can keep the water cool for long hours of driving. Learn about the fastest growing movement of Hydrogen technology. Add a hydrogen booster cell to your diesel truck. Taking amperage from your trucks alternator and making an electrical hydrogen/oxygen gas from water in a stainless steel plate cell. Add a more combinational air to your fuel/air ratio mix. Large 12 chamber plate cell (8" x 10" plates) kit for $2,800.00 Drivers are experiencing 10%and +MPG gains. Cleans emissions! One driver stated that he is saving more fuel costs than his own paycheck! Not with this system, but his own. You can even add 2 plate cells to gain more egas. 12-24v or 24 volt system.
For more info. and sales contact.

We welcome foreign sales, for they see MPG increase, clean emissions & act now!

Hydrogen Trucker is an awareness and educational web site for the future market. Our belief is that someday we will see these cells on all trucks, for it is the simplest, most cost effective way to clean up exhaust emissions. This industry is moving fast, changes are happening weekly. Learn now and save yourself some fuel costs. Pilot car programs are available. (Not for use on CA hyways, not approved by CARB or EPA)

Please take me to the Hydrogen Garage Store. I want to learn more about this technology. is apart of Hydrogen Garage
Located in Cayucos, California • 93430 • USA