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Unfortunately you will not learn about "on board electrolysis" on TV or at a university or at a Trucker's mechanic school. You will learn about it on Youtube, no doubt. Right on Youtube! and the internet expansive learning curve that goes on forever. Many learned mechanics, engine designers will balk at "on board electrolysis saying "you can't get out any more energy as you put into it." Therefore your wasting your time. A $15K particulate filter , to mask & hide the SMOG. Here is an easier, less expensive way to do away with SMOG. Increase horsepower and get better MPG savings! The trick is you have to make the right amount of hydroxy gas, we measure it by liters per minute of gas produced. You need 4 LPM to 8 LPM for good MPG savings. In the years past other hydrogen kits only put out about one liter per minute, that was not enough for gas mileage savings and enough to bust they hydrocarbon molecule chain. Pulsing the DC with a square wave a 2 volt between the plate system with produce "ortho hydrogen" 2.4x's more powerful then para hydrogen in tanks.

It is way easier to break the "hydrocarbon chain of molecules" by introducing clean hydrogen & oxygen from an electrical source to blow apart the hydrocarbon chain and destroying the particles once and for all. Results are a really, really clean emission. Hands down! The REAL answer for SMOG and too much carbon in our atmosphere. All science should focus on what we found here. The knowledge the controlling oil corps. don't want you to know about, and if mentioned is portrayed in a negative manner and shelved for a future day that they do not want to ever see. Bottom line, it is all about the money. What hydrogen future? Where is it? It is here, right under their noses.

Here at Hydrogen Garage is NOT about the money, it is about LIFE and living forever. Increasing knowledge of the grave factor we all face, makes one get closer to their roots and following of your heart, taking time to listen to the Creator and taking action on part of the children, who we all owe it to.

Seeing is believing. If your a fleet owner you can afford one of these units. $8000 or $3400 is all we are asking for these "on board hydrogen electrolysis units" Make the hydroxy gas as you go, no storing of hydrogen, no explosive tanks, just a water tank with a electrolyte solution % base.

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