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Bob Boyce™ Catalytic Technology, Hydroxy Gas™

Licensee of the Original 1981 Patented "Sealed Series H2O Cell Designs




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Welcome to Hydrogen Trucker the future of the Trucking Industry

We sell our H20 Water Cell Systems to SAVE on FUEL and clean up the exhaust emissions, simply by completing the burn in the cylinder. All that un burned fuel that would go down your exhaust manifold is now being burned up! SAVE on FUEL costs! 10% to 25%!! . We sell to all States of the Union, except California. Foreigners of the US love it! Less refined diesel fuels work best & get better MPG SAVINGS up to 50%! Hydroxy® Gas bonds to the chain of carbon molecules & blows them apart better than any other exhaust system on the market today. Blow apart the hydrogen carbons in the cylinders!! No fires on trucks, no trucks shutting down to clogged DEF filter. Cooler exhaust system. Your DEF filter stays brand new inside, never needs cleaning ! Truckers can expect 10% to 24% savings on 12L, 15L. Must be installed to our specs. ONLY BOYCE™ LICENSED CELLS CAN PRODUCE 80%+ ORTHO HHO. 11/8/15

Hydrogen Garage HHO Cell kits to SAVE on FUEL.


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You will be surprised how low priced they are, compared to the fuel you will save.

Welcome to HYDROGEN TRUCKER the future of the Trucking Industry!

We can clean up emissions better than any other system, simply by completing the burn in the cylinders with a catalysys to the diesel fuel! Our Bob Boyce™H2O Cell designs produce 85%+ ORTHO HHO the HHO gas that bonds to to the hydro-carbon chain of molecules and blows them all apart!

Just add WATER! Cleaner! Cheaper! Better! We complete the burn in the cylinders no need for exhaust DEF systems or Catalytic Converters! The DEF will never need cleaning! Try convincing Oil Gang owned C.A.R.B. that the DEF filters are no good, a fire hazard and HP killer, when the truckers could be using water to clean emissions, increase HP and the SAVING of fuel.

Learn How C.A.R.B. is bankrupting California, one truck at a time. - Many Whistle blower testifies, many truckers testify. Support these guys! CARB will be rebuilt and the swamp plug pulled, if this prayer breaks though and takes over and makes America Great Again!

C.A.R.B. is bankrupting California, One Trucking Company at a time and ruining the economy of the State, everything you buy from a store comes on a truck. They force truckers to buy new trucks or retro fix for $20K, a ridiculous beautiful blue colored urea ( acid) exhaust system in a attempt to try and burn what's left over and a clean emission. This acid, turns the SMOG into nano particles, so small under 1 micron, it goes right past the exhaust sniffers at the SMOG DYNO garages! They add a chemical that now makes the SMOG clearer, no visual black carbon flakes on the trucker's exhaust pipes, just more pollution for you to breathe! If they left the carbon flake alone, it eventually goes to the ground and not floating the air in nano particulate size that lasts for days in the air. Making SMOG more breathable!!

Hydrogen Generators • HHO Cell Systems that run on water. 30 years of HHO, Hydroxy Gas® Research behind our H2O Cell Systems. We use less power (15 to 36 amps for 12L engines.) We produce a static cling form of HHO that bonds to the hydrocarbon chain of molecules and blows them all apart and completes the burn in the cylinders. You burn all the fuel you purchased.

You may have tried the rest, now try the original Bob Boyce™ H2O cell system.


Dyno test conclude up to CARB Level 3, 85% PM emission reduction and 77% reduction in Nox. to be in Mark 4 category!! Info. from three 3rd party sources, not ours. No other HHO cell system today can take out the Nox emission, save gas by 10%+ and have 100 hp added. How do we do this? Well it is 26+ years of lab research in this unknown field.


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The Bob Boyce™ catalytic technology, Hydroxy Gas™ is why.
Catalysis rather than Electrolysis, resulting in a higher quality Combustion al
Hydroxy® Gas that blinds to the hydrocarbons well and completes the burn entirely!

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Install into your own box. SAVE money, Only 5 things to hook up? How could you do wrong? Our High Power HHO Out gas hose, goes into your air filter box. Easy to follow instructions. The Hydrogen Trucker Box. So easy to install, 2 wires go to the battery. One outgas hose to the air intake, right before the air filter. One cable through the firewall to the dash and one ignition+ trigger wire. The box bolts behind the cab, or bolts on to the rail. You can't screw up the install.
Cleans up emissions better than anything else on the market, hands down. Even the Nox emission is cut out!

Many HHO companies today selling HHO cell kits, but BEWARE most will not get you any MPG gains. Many cells only make para hydrogen, in which is not that powerful in the para state, only in large amounts by itself. Ortho hydrogen in which our cells produce 70% to 98% of, is a magnetic clinging gas that loves to stick to the hydrocarbon chain of molecules and blows them apart completing the burn and the result super clean emissions. It is like adding an extra 120/130 octane air into your air intake. We do not add to the fuel, we add to the incoming air.

for all size CARS & TRUCKS & 10L to 15L diesels

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A Independent Trucker said "The amount of $money that I'm saving,
in fuel costs , is bigger than my paycheck, take home pay"
1 to 2.5 gallon MPG savings!

One 12L size diesel truck was getting 5.5 to 6 mpg before adding our units,
and now typically the driver is seeing 8 to 8.2 mpg hauling 35,000 pound payloads.

Truckers are getting 10% up to 24% gas MPG savings :
10% = 6 MPG to 6.6 MPG • 20% = 6 MPG to 7.2 MPG • 30% = 6 MPG to 7.9 MPG

A Hydroxy Gas expert and installer will answer your call!

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ONLY $155.00

The FUTURE of TRUCKING, BEST WAY TO CLEAN EMMISSIONS and SAVE you GAS. Too bad CARB/EPA will not use this technolgy as a standard. They fight WATER all the way to the bank! We are not allowed to sell in California, but every other state of the union is OK, foreigners LOVE IT! The less refined the fuel! the better the MPG gains! The DEF exhaust systems of CARB/EPA are getting the trucker sick! The approved DEF system, only takes the SMOG down below 2.5 nano size! and goes right past the emisson snifer, when in FACT the SMOG is still there! just not snifed at the CA Scale SMOG checks! Proven FACT!

IceBlock 14/7 Cell
Great for diesel pickup trucks
V8 disel engines or gas. H20 Cell systems,
made in San Luis Obispo, CA • US STEEL

PUTS out 10 to 14 LPM of this HIGH Quality GAS!

Complete 100 cell box kit, designed for stationary GEN SET to run 100% on water.

Hydrogen Trucker is an awareness and educational web site for the future market. Our belief is that someday we will see these cells on all trucks, for it is the simplest, most cost effective way to clean up exhaust emissions. This industry is moving fast, changes are happening weekly. Learn now and save yourself some fuel costs. Pilot car programs are available. (Not for use on CA hyways, not approved by CARB or EPA)

Please take me to the Hydrogen Garage Store. I want to learn more about this technology.

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