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Now it is legal to install a CVHHO Booster System Box on Semi Trucks!
The price is now $7K for their CARB approved HHO Cell Boxes for 12L engines.
15L are $10K Also a CARB E.O. for cars and pickup trucks up to 2013.
Call anytime and ask questions : 805-772-7224

Central Valley HHO was one company out of 100 different HHO Cell Systems,
tested by a down under
skeptic lab expert : Mark Dansie. Central Valley HHO
did the best at a EPA/CARB approved multi million dollar lab. Listen right now.

CARB LAB HHO Skeptic tests a 100 different HHO cells, , "finally someone gets it right!" 3/2012

Recent Dyno test (1/2/12) conclude up to CARB Level 3, 85% PM emission reduction and 77% reduction in Nox. to be in Mark 4 category!! Info. from three 3rd party sources, not ours. No other HHO cell system today can take out the Nox emission, save gas by 10%+ and have 100 hp added. How do we do this? Well it is 26+ years of lab research in this unknown field.


The Bob Boyce® catalytic technology, Hydroxy Gas™ is why.
Catalysis rather than Electrolysis, resulting in a higher quality Combustional Hydroxy® Gas that blinds to the hydrocarbons well and completes the burn entirely!

Every Trucker who purchases a HHO Trucker Box is getting at least 10% MPG savings! Most get approx. 20% better MPG savings and can feel the HorsePower! (1/2012) With a Bob Boyce® cell system, the MPG savings goes up ! as the months go by, the cell conditions it's catalytic process & gains stay consistent. The cell should last 25 years+ No more experimenting, CVHHO has proven results, dynos, computer software showing the HP of the added Hydroxy Gas to your air intake. Click on photo above for pricing. It is not how much the unit costs, it is how much will I save over the next 10 years. A BB cell will last 25 years+ All parts are repairable!

The Hydrogen Trucker Box. So easy to install, 2 wires go to the battery. One outgas hose to the air intake, right before the air filter. One cable through the firewall to the dash and one ignition+ trigger wire. The box bolts behind the cab, or bolts on to the rail. You can't screw up the install. Step box below replaces your trucks step, with HHO components inside the box. Ready to go, just add water! Cleans up emissions better than anything else on the market, hands down. Even the Nox emission is cut out!

One Florida trucking company tried out 10 different HHO cell systems and the only one that worked and still gets consistent gains is a cell system from Central Valley HHO! Why? because CVHHO cells produce 70% to 98% Ortho Hydrogen! Ortho hydrogen is a higher quality gas called hydroxy® gas, that is NOT taught in schools, universities, it is 4x's more powerful than tank (para) hydrogen. Ortho hydrogen is a magnetic, sticky, a static gas, the more dryer the more combustion. It clings to all the other air borne molecules, oxygen, nitrogen and especially to the hydrocarbon chain molecules.

We have no association with theTruckerCell.com, avoid that company like the plague. Hired by NSA to disrupt the HHO market and rip everyone off and get 0 MPG gains. Yes the Oil Corps hire dis info. agents. Sad to mention.


Many HHO companies today selling HHO cell kits, but BEWARE most will not get you any MPG gains. Many cells only make para hydrogen, in which is not that powerful in the para state, only in large amounts by itself. Ortho hydrogen in which our cells produce 70% to 98% of, is a magnetic clinging gas that loves to stick to the hydrocarbon chain of molecules and blows them apart completing the burn and the result super clean emissions. It is like adding an extra 120/130 octane air into your air intake. We do not add to the fuel, we add to the incoming air.

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Financing for Trucker Cell Systems coming soon! 2/12 Call 805-995-4809, 805-772-7324

CARB LAB HHO Skeptic tests a 100 different HHO cells, , "finally someone gets it right!"

A Independent Trucker said "The amount of $money that I'm saving,
in fuel costs , is bigger than my paycheck, take home pay"
1 to 2.5 gallon MPG savings!

One 12L size diesel truck was getting 5.5 to 6 mpg before adding our units,
and now typically the driver is seeing 8 to 8.2 mpg hauling 35,000 pound payloads.

Truckers are getting 10% up to 40% gas MPG savings :

10% = 6 MPG to 6.6 MPG • 20% = 6 MPG to 7.2 MPG • 30% = 6 MPG to 7.9 MPG

Step up to the The Hydrogen Trucker Box
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" I drove from CA to the East Coast with a CVHHO Unit installed on 1 of my 3 Kenworth trucks.  I used 25% less fuel in the Kenworth truck with the CVHHO System installed then the other 2 Kenworth trucks without the system on the same trip with the same loads!! I also noticed there is no longer black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes on my truck!!
P. C.  -- Modesto, CA

“I installed a CS138 hydrogen assist system recently and immediately noticed my Freightliner idling more smoothly with improved torque through the gears.  More important to my profitability, I checked my on-board trip computer while returning home with an empty trailer and was excited to learn my miles per gallon had improved by 22%!”
B.Z. -- Palmetto, Florida

Many different size HHO Cell kits from Central Valley HHO and Hydrogen Junkie
Retail Price from $630 to $5,600.(updated 1/14/2012)
805-995-4809 • 805-772-7324


IceBlock 14/7 Cell systems made in San Luis Obispo, CA • USA


Hydroxy Gas for cars & trucks
in South Africa


New Ice Block Cells for Trucks, Cars.

Pioneering the installation of hydrogen
generators to marine engines

More Hydrogen Trucker Kits are available.

Video of the what you getINSTALLATION PHOTOS


Complete 100 cell box kit, designed for stationary GEN SET to run 100% on water.

Recent results 4/10, a Trucker in Michigan, went from 6 LPMPG to 9 MPG. second test proved to be 11 MPG! No electronic only leaning or engine temp monitor. only $2,650. U install kit. This is the system (photo) above, that he got those MPG gains! Comes with 3 Revolution Cells, 3 - PWM30's to pulse and limit the current. All the wire, connectors, hose, relay, controllers, etc, The alum. box does not come with the kit, only all the components you see. Soon to come with an easy bolt on box. Wholesale pricing as well. (updated 4/18/2010)

SAVE FUEL with a "Genesis Catalytic Systems"

Hydrogen Trucker is an awareness and educational web site for the future market. Our belief is that someday we will see these cells on all trucks, for it is the simplest, most cost effective way to clean up exhaust emissions. This industry is moving fast, changes are happening weekly. Learn now and save yourself some fuel costs. Pilot car programs are available. (Not for use on CA hyways, not approved by CARB or EPA)

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